Services Offered

Obedience is the foundation for effective communication. 

Boot camp 

This 3 week program is great for the busy working family or if you are just having trouble “getting on the same page” with teaching your dog what you want.  I will bring your dog home with me and work on training in a real life home environment.  The basic commands of walking on a loose leash, heel, sit, down, place (a boundary stay), come when called, out (drop what’s in your mouth), leave it. Jumping, play biting and anything else that might be a problem will also be addressed.


Puppy Head Start

Get your puppy started off on the right paw!  This is a 6 week class for puppies between the ages of 10-20 weeks.  Topics covered in this class will include the importance of socialization, crate/potty training, chew toy training, biting (bite inhibition), grooming, jumping and much more.

We will lay a solid foundation for the fundementals of walking on a loose leash, sit, down and come when called.
Class cost is $125.00

Basic Obedience

This is a 6 week class. In this class, the foundation is laid for common commands such as the loose leash walk, sit, down, come, place and stay.  Place is a boundry stay where your dog can sit, stand or lay down but can’t leave the bed or mat that they have been placed on.  This is a great exercise for allowing people to come into your home and get settled before greeting the family dog.
Class cost is $140.00


Intermediate Obedience

This is a 6 week class for dogs and handlers who have passed a basic obedience class.  Exercises learned in basic obedience will be challenged and reinforced with increased distance, duration and higher levels of distraction.  The loose leash walk will be shaped into heel position and your dog will learn to sit at your side when you come to a stop.  Come when called will be shaped into a sit in front.  In this class, your dog will be expected to stay on place while you wait your turn.
Class cost is $140.00

Advanced Obedience

This is a 6 week class for dogs and handlers who have passed an Intermediate obedience class.  Exercises learned in intermediate obedience will be challenged through higher levels of distraction.  We will focus on creating a strong foundation for off leash work.  You will also learn to send your dog to place from a distance.  “Finish” will also be taught.  This is a command that will bring your dog from sitting in front of you to heel position.  Class cost is $140.00

In-home and private lessons

In-home and private lessons are a great way to work on specific needs or behaviors in order to help you gain better control of your dog on and individual basis.
In-home lessons are $80 an hour. Private lessons at the training center are $55 for an hour and $35 for a half hour.

All dogs joining classes or doing private lessons at the training center are required to be current on Distemper, Bordatella (kennel cough), and Rabies vaccinations.




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