About the Trainer

IMG_0104Gina has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs.  She knew from a young age she wanted to establish a career working with dogs, which prompted her to seek out professional training and education to achieve that goal.

Gina holds two certifications; Canine Training Specialist as well as Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.  She earned these through rigorous, hands on experience with both rescue dogs and client dogs while she attended school at Triple Crown Academy School for Dog Trainers  to reach her certification requirements.  The rescue dogs came from various groups and shelters where they had been surrendered or abandoned due to any number of behavior problems, including lack of training.

Gina’s task as a student was to evaluate, teach obedience to or modify specific behaviors which she was then tested and graded as a student.  The ultimate goal was to help the shelter dogs more suitable for adoption so they would soon find their forever home.  Along with the rescue and client dogs, Gina was assigned two dogs that she would have to complete the entire program with.  She was tested both in the classroom and in the field on all aspects of canine behavior, basic, advanced and competitive obedience, behavior modification, agility, search and rescue, service dog training, scent detection training and much more.  These skills and her broad spectrum of experience give Gina the knowledge and experience you need to succeed with training your dog.

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