Opening the lines of communication and enhancing relationship between you and your dog.  

Better Dogs for Life is dedicated to helping you better understand your dog and to keep him in your home for a lifetime.  Whether you choose shelter rescue  or buy a puppy, I want to help you establish a strong and healthy relationship with your new best friend.


Better Dogs for Life was started shortly after I graduated from the world renowned dog training school, Triple Crown Academy School for Dog Trainers, in February of 2008.  This is where I earned two certifications; Canine Training Specialist and Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.  I believe that these certifications have given me the knowlege and tools I need to help anyone train any dog.

We use a wide variety of safe and effective training methods that are customized to fit the skills and needs of you and your dog.  Training should be fun, safe and effective so if that’s what you are looking for, you’ve found the right place!